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Until recent years, undoubtedly the biggest challenge for any drainage company trying to diagnose or resolve an issue was that domestic drains and sewers are hidden underground, often with restricted or no access. Blindly prodding around with probes and extendable rods carries a certain amount of risk, as it could easily make a problem worse. That is why Haig’s Drains Ltd takes advantage of the latest CCTV technology, which helps us to accurately identify the cause of blocked drains and perform surveys for customers throughout Harrogate.


Based in Leeds, we have been carrying out drain repairs and installing replacement drains for domestic, commercial and industrial clients since our establishment in 2018. With over a decade of industry experience, our drainage contractors recognise the importance of using CCTV equipment when undertaking a range of drainage services.


Our drainage company employs CCTV surveys to identify a range of issues for customers in the Harrogate area, including:


  • Blocked Drains
  • General Wear and Tear
  • Tree Root Ingress
  • Rodent Infestation
  • Cracked and Broken Drains
  • Poor Installation or Displacement


CCTV for Drain Repairs


What makes CCTV technology an essential tool for our drainage company, is that it gives us the ability to spot potential weaknesses before they evolve into a bigger problem. As part of our drainage services, we perform maintenance checks to look for issues like hairline cracks and holes, which can result in leakages or the ingress of silt and debris, leading to blocked drains.


Spotting these problems early means that Haig’s Drains Ltd can act quickly to resolve the issue with minor drain repairs, without the need for replacement drains.


This saves time, money and hassle for our customers.


CCTV for Blocked Drains


When carrying out drainage services for clients in the Harrogate area, we often deal with blocked drains. Sometimes the cause of the blockage may be obvious and easy to deal with, but on occasion we employ CCTV equipment to determine the cause of a blocked drain and, more importantly, how best to unblock it. We use jet washers to cut through tree roots obstructing drains and sewers, and extendable rods to dislodge stubborn obstacles.


Utilising the proper equipment to clear a blockage avoids making the problem worse, saving our customers from preventable drain repairs and even the installation of replacement drains.


CCTV Drain Surveys


Our drainage company conducts CCTV drain surveys to inform homebuyers in Harrogate of any existing issues with a property’s drains, which could develop into a more serious problem at a later stage. For vendors, CCTV drainage services rule out the need for drain repairs or replacement drains, which could delay the sale of your house. We also carry out build over surveys for homeowners planning to build an extension over or near the pipes of their existing property. Our drainage company performs these surveys before and after building work, in compliance with the local water authority for Harrogate.


When it comes to landlords renting out a property, a pre-tenancy drain survey is the best way to prove that any future damage is the fault of the tenant. This helps to protect landlords in the Harrogate area from legal disputes and from paying out for replacement drains or drain repairs.


Homeowners around Harrogate may be interested to learn that a professional, in-depth CCTV drain survey from Haig’s Drains Ltd may also help with insurance claims.

Call our drainage company on 01132 037 389 or 07847 853 865 for CCTV surveys to help with blocked drains, drain repairs, replacement drains or property surveys in Harrogate.

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